Framed Album


Album Highlights

The details of the album clear.  The presentation is far superior to that of just a standalone album.  With the Framed Album, you not only get a high quality custom designed album, you get a beautiful linen box frame to store and display it in.

Magnetic Cover

Thick Lay Flat Pages

Sample Gallery

Album Sizes

There are two album sizes available.  A modest 8×8 and a larger 10×10.  The sizes shown are for the album itself with the framed box being larger to house the albums.

Frame Colors

Natural, 70% linen and 30% cotton fabric with a compact texture. High resistance to wear and available in a wide color palette of warm and natural tones.

Ribbon Colors

The ribbon is elegantly finished with a swallowtail and is available in a wide range of colors that perfectly complete the tones of the album and frame.