1st Birthday Photography

It’s already been a year??

We can’t believe it either.  Time just flies so fast and here you are ready to capture their 1st year photo.  Simply amazing. We’ll capture your happy (or not so happy) camper in fun fashion.

Why should I take 1st birthday photography photos?
With increasing quality of phones, everyone can play photographer these days. You take photos of your kids every day. So why should you book a 1st birthday portraits with professional photographer?

  1. Your little one grew so fast and it’s time to catch this milestone before they go off to college.
  2. 1st year photos make great decor at your house (we’ll help you with that)
  3. You will finally have an answer to “What do you give your parents (people who don’t need anything) –  for their B-day/Christmas/Mother’s day”.

Who is invited to be a part of the 1st birthday portraits? 

Your little one of course
Immediate family such as parents, siblings, grandparents
Family pets

What should we wear? 

We’ll be happy to help you if you feel lost.  We can talk before the session to pick the perfect outfit.

Can we bring our dog/cat/llama with us on the shoot?

Of Course!! Pets are a big part of who you are and are more than welcome. If you have a llama we can’t wait to do your photo shoot.

What do you get when booking with us? 
Besides Lucie’s infectious happiness and energy, you’ll also have your choice of MANY great products to choose from.

  • Wall collages & prints
  • Custom albums
  • Grandparent albums
  • Zig Zag booklets
  • and so much more.

You will get the digital images too, but we don’t want you to be one of those that just gets digitals and tucks them away on a computer hard drive that nobody sees.  Be proud and print your memories.  Save the digitals for backing up, future art projects and social media.

What amount of time is needed for a 1st birthday photography session?
We typically need about an hour of your time.

What do we wear to the photo shoot?
We’ll be happy to help you decide on what to wear.

When should I book our session?
You can book at any time, but due to demand, we do suggest not procrastinating so that we can have fun planning out the shoot with you and being able to pick the best day.

How long does a 1st birthday session take?
A typical 1st birthday session takes about 1 hour. Time needs can vary depending on how much wild we get with the photos, but we can always add on time for a nominal cost.

Where should we do the 1st birthday photography photos?
We typically do them at our studio.  We have control of the light, temperature and have props, backdrops and easy access to cleanup.  However, some prefer the outside look and we’ve done them on the beach as well for instance.

Do you charge extra for travel?
No & Yes. There are no travel fees on Oahu, but there are minimal travel fees to the other islands or around the world. Please let us know where you’re going and we can help figure out travel costs.

How do we book with you?
We try to make it super easy.  Just click the button below, fill out some simple information of what you are looking for and we will send you a custom booking proposal to review.  You can then sign and pay the deposit for that proposal if you like what you see.

After we set something up, we will be in contact with you to discuss location, date, time, clothing ideas, and so much more.

If you have more questions not answered here, you can use the same form to ask us anything.

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Photography Pricing

1st Birthday Pricing

1st Birthday Session + Digitals


+4.712% HI TAX

  • 1st Birthday Session

  • Digital Files (~40 images per session)

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1st Birthday Session + Album + Digitals


+4.712% HI TAX

  • 1st Birthday Session

  • Custom 8×8 Album

  • Digital Files (~40 images per session)

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1st Birthday Session + Wall Collage + Digitals


+4.712% HI TAX

  • 1st Birthday Session

  • Wall Collage

  • Digital Files (~40 images per session)

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