Tri-Folio Highlights

Looking for an elegant way to display some of your photos from the session?  No wall space for a large print?  Want something that stands up at your desk, office, or coffee table?  Maybe the Tri-Folio has what you are looking for.  3 images are printed on this tri folding photo display.  Quality paper covered by acrylic to make the images pop and a convenient way to store it or fold it open to display.  It’s also a great option for gifts for the grandparents.

Embossed Letters

Cover Materials

Sample Gallery

Tri-Folio Size

We currently offer the one size of 6×9 inches.  It’s a perfect size for display of the individual photos and a nice footprint when opened up.

Textile Colors

Vegan Friendly.  Perfect for anyone craving an aesthetically pleasing, durable linen product.

Suede Colors

Suede textiles:
The definition of luxury, Suede textiles are characterized by their short hairs and is super soft to touch.