Best Children Photographer Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

LucieXYZ Voted BEST Children’s Photographer!!

If you haven’t seen yet, the kind people of Oahu have made their voices heard and voted LucieXYZ Photography the “Best Children’s Photographer” in Honolulu Magazine.

The “Best of Honolulu” is a yearly voting from the people of Oahu who get to select their favorites amongst many business types.  We were voted as the top children’s photographer amongst an amazing field of photographers.  It’s a complete honor to be voted in by everyone.  We didn’t even know this was going on until several of our clients started reaching out to us to let us know.

We are such a small business and it’s an honor to be viewed in such a complimentary light.  We do hope we have helped capture moments for all our clients that they will cherish forever.  It’s not just the photos that we take that have meaning, but the capturing of the experiences and moments in time which can be shared for generations.  It’s burning in a piece of time into the memories for anyone who views the images that brings a smile to our faces and of course our clients faces as well.  We are so lucky to capture so many smiles :)

Thank you to all that voted. We appreciate everyone.

– Lucie & Sam