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Have a little one on the way?

Enjoy the privacy of our studio and relaxing environment to get all those baby bump photos of your dreams. If outside is your passion, we can travel to your favorite spot or we can find something that matches your vision. We are excited by the miracle of life and pregnancy is only the beginning of it all. It’s an opportunity to capture a moment that can be looked back upon with amazement and pride.

Some feel that they don’t need or want pregnancy photos. A lot of times that is because the soon to be mom is uncomfortable or feels unappealing for photos. These are far from reality as we provide you with a comfortable atmosphere and appreciate pregnancy for what it is. It’s not a bikini contest. It’s the art of life and we capture it in a beautiful way that you will cherish.

Our soon to be moms walk away with an amazing gift that can be shared as it will be tasteful and memorable.

What are your prices?

Our prices start at $250 per hour + HI tax.  Since everyone needs something different we custom build our packages for you based on your needs. We even have some baby packages including a “First year of Baby” which includes 4 sessions and an album at the end. Contact us so we can hear more about what you are looking for and we can discuss and send you prices.

How long should I book in advance?

Due to demand, the sooner the better of course.  Whenever you are ready, we can make the magic happen with you.

At what point during my pregnancy should I do the shoot?

The best time depends on your comfort. The later you wait, the higher the potential for discomfort or giving birth before we can do the photos. We have shot even the day before someone gave birth, so it’s a good idea to make it happen before the baby decides to change your plans. However, on the opposite side you don’t want to do it too early when the baby bump isn’t formed very much.

Where do you do the sessions?

Our preference is outdoors at a favorite location, beach, park or other beautiful spot. However, we do have a studio too where we can make it more comfortable for you. It’s all up to you. Do you charge extra for travel? Yes & No. No travel fees on Oahu, but there are minimal travel fees to the other islands or around the world. Please let us know where you’re going and we can help figure out travel costs.

When do we get to see our photos?

We will send you a sneak peek of some pictures fairly quick. The full edited pictures can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks. Under unusual situations such as a busy photography schedule it may take a little longer, but we will be in communication with you so you have a good idea.

Where will my pictures be viewable and can anyone see them?

We will send you a link with a password protection to the gallery of images. You can share that link and password with friends and family.

How can we or any of our friends order pictures?

From the gallery link that we send you, you can order pictures, canvases, and more. Each person will be able to create their own user account so that they can order what they want.

When can I start picking pictures for my album?

As soon as we post the photos, go for it!! You can submit your favorites through the website. We will work closely with you to design the album.

When will the Album be completed?

Timing can vary, but once we have the photos selected, it takes about 4 weeks to design and start the review & approval process. It takes another 4 weeks for the album company to process the design and then shipping depends on where it is going to. We will update you as we process your order.


Individual Sessions

Our basic session that captures your pregnancy in amazing images starts at $250 + HI tax which includes the photography time and online viewing of proof images.

For a more comprehensive collection to capture all the moments you can also add on newborn, belly time, sitting,  and 1st year of your child.  We have some of those combinations below, but if you are looking to bundle some items, please let us know what you’re interested in.


Belly + Baby Packages

For those interested in capturing the baby bump and the newborn photos, this package is for you.  You will get two sessions first starting with maternity to capture the baby within the belly.  Once the baby is welcomed into your arms, we will schedule a newborn session with you and the family.

At the end of the two sessions, we will design and print an 8×8 album for you to remember the precious moments by.

If you choose the package with the digitals, you will get the High Resolution Images and a print release.  The digitals are discounted when choosing this package.

Belly + Baby + Book

$850+ 4.712% HI tax

Pregnancy SessionNewborn Photo SessionOnline viewing & orderingDigital App8x8 Custom BookBook Now!

1st Year of Baby Package

Your baby’s first year goes by so quickly and so much changes in that short period of time. So we have created this package to capture the key time moments during that first year. You choose which 4 sessions you’d like to do; pregnancy, newborn, belly time, sitting, and 1 year.

At the end we create a beautiful album with your favorite images from each session and you can see how the baby grew through the year. We also incorporate little memorable bits of their life at the different stages such as birth date, size, first words, favorite toy, etc. It’s not just a collection of photos, it’s a story book of memories.

If you choose the package with the digitals, you will get the High Resolution Images and a print release.  The digitals are discounted when choosing this package.

1st Year Package

$1600+ 4.712% HI tax

(4) Photo Sessions (your choice which)Online viewing & orderingDigital App(25) Baby announcements8x8 Custom BookBook Now!

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