Instagram Moments – First time on Oahu

First time on Oahu

First time on Oahu

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This shot is from my very first time in Oahu.
Guess which statement is true:

1. My first time visiting Oahu was in 2008 when I came here with my mom and aunt. It was a last minute trip from California ( because the weather was super shitty in all of USA except Hawaii) and stayed for 3 days. Short stay but we got to see SO much! Plus I got to do some location scouting for our upcoming (very first) Oahu wedding.
2. My very first time in Hawaii was back in 2000. I came with the family I worked for as an au-pair (nanny) and looked after their 3 kids. Their grandpa was getting married in Kauai. Such an incredible experience. I fell in love with the islands right away.

3. My first time in Maui was with Sam and his two friends who he knew since middle school. Pete just graduated from college and we came to celebrate with him. Traveling with three guys was interesting but I can’t complain as I even got them to wake up super early to drive up all the way up to Haleakala in time for a sunrise.

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