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It’s time to get silly or serious or better yet, both.

This is the time to really make a snap shot of whom you both are and what you like to do. We don’t just take you to some random park that you have never been to and click away. We like to dig in to who you are and what your interests are and make the photos show that.

First off though, an engagement session can be one of two things and a mixture of both

  • You’re going to propose secretly and want to capture those moments.
  • You’re engaged and want some beautiful photos of the two of you.
  • We’ve got you covered for all scenarios.

So don’t let your friend’s boring traditional engagement shots limit the possibilities. We love to adventure out and make the images YOUR images. If it’s about a beach walk, we are there. If you like to sail, we’ll bring the water proof camera bags. If you like to hike trails, we’ve got shoes for that too. Mountain bikes? Yep, covered. Maybe just a simple dinner for two (plus some awesome photographers), we are ready. If you like riding sea lions while wearing a feather boa and juggling chainsaws; well we can do that too. Just understand that this will be the MOST EPIC shoot ever and we will giggle the whole time, but we will do it. So bring your ideas to the table and we can make it happen. If you don’t have something in mind, don’t worry, we have some ideas too.

The photos from the engagement session can be used for invitations, signature boards, engagement albums, or just images to show everyone to show how and why you two are meant to be together. Another great thing about the engagement session is that it is a great way to get to know your photographers who are going to shoot your wedding. We are going to be following you around all day on your wedding day and this is an opportunity to see how we work and for you to get comfortable in front of the camera. It also gives us an opportunity to learn more about you and what your photo preferences are. Think of it as the warm up to your wedding day.

No matter what you choose, let’s make it awesome and something you will love to look back on.

What are your prices?

Our prices start at $250 + HI tax.  Since everyone needs something different we custom build our packages for you based on your needs. Contact us so we can hear more about what you are looking for and we can discuss and send you prices.

What change of clothes should I bring?

Bring a variety of your preferred clothes to choose from. We can help select a combo that works well together. We often recommend a nice outfit and a casual one that you would enjoy relaxing in but looks good.

Where should we do the photo shoot?

We have many places we can go and suggest. The important thing when picking a place is selecting something that means something special to you or embodies that vision you have. Our favorites are when it is something that the couple likes to do together like a walk on the beach, dinner out, cooking in their kitchen, hiking, tractor pulling, whatever!

Can I bring my dog / cat / llama with me on the shoot?

Of Course!! Pets are a big part of who you are and are more than welcome. If you have a llama we so can’t wait to do your photo shoot.

How long does a shoot take?

It depends on what you book, but a quick session will be around 30 minutes and go up to 2 hours. The time flies by quickly!!

When will I get to see my photos?

We try to have a sneak peek within a couple days, and the rest uploaded to the site within a couple weeks.

How do I select the photos for the Guest Book?

We will have the photos online for you to go through them where you can select your favorites. However, most people just have us go through and select the pictures but will select maybe a couple “must haves”, then leave the magic up to us. Your choice.

When will the Guest Book be completed?

It takes about 4 weeks to design and start the approval process. It takes another 4 weeks for the album company to process and ship the design. It’s best not to wait too long to do this because the album company gets busy and can take longer.  


Engagement Photography Packages and Products

Our basic session that captures you both in amazing images starts at $250 + HI tax which includes the photography time and online viewing of proof images.  The most popular package is the session + the digital files.  We can also make a custom package for you depending on what you are looking for.  Please have a look at some of the products we offer and let us know and we can send you a quote.

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